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Unique Units

Unique Units

residential design

We are excited to announce the launch of our new and bespoke service called Unique Units, an expertise area focused on residential projects.


We escape the ordinary.

Our mission is to curate unique experiences for clients believing in the power of design to make our living spaces authentic.


We defend that Authenticity can’t be measured in square meters or amount of bedrooms. Our name comes from our belief that certain houses make it necessary to establish their own unique unit of measurement.



Inspired by color, textures, materiality and light, our projects are a representation of timeless minimalism.



We think of our creation process as bespoke design from the first sketch to the latest constructive detail and the delivery of the project. We achieve it by treating each project independently tailoring the design to the requirements and the style of the client as well as to the conditioning factors and the story of its location.

Interested in our design and want to know more?

Looking for a team to go through the design of your new house?

We work across Spain and Portugal and undertake both architecture and interior design projects.


Contact us for more information!

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